Foreword by

Dr. Rev. Paul Luftenegger

A divine foreword

When I first met Dr. Rev. Paul Luftenegger in Spain at European Transformational Teachers Gathering (ETTG) I instinctly knew he carries a very special soul. As he started singing his divine music I saw the little boy in him with such an enormous shining heart. Pauls connection to the divine is very special and as an interfaith minister he cherishes the beauty of all religion. I just love that. I asked Paul to write the foreword to "Heartlight" as I in many ways see him as the little boy on the cover - the little lightbearer. 

Download the foreword

You can download and read the foreword by Dr. Rev. Paul Luftenegger here: 

Hear Paul read the foreword

In the Spring of 2022 Paul interviewed me for his YouTube channel. Jump into the interview where he reads his foreword to us. Jumo to the beginning to hear the whole interview. 

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