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“Heartlight is the most beautiful children's meditation. Guide your children to heal themselves. It is beyond amazing and I really just want all children around the world to learn to feel their heartlight, and become SO good friends with it - that they NEVER turn it off.”

Katrine Birk

Beautiful and strong

"I have invested in Gitte's children's meditation, HEARTLIGHT, which I sat and read to myself. Despite my adult shell I was deeply touched -

how beautiful and strong it is."


Navigate the world

"I wish someone had read Gitte’s books to me when I was a little boy because I know if they did, I would have been much more capable

and much more equipped to navigate the world and the challenges it holds with more love and light and confidence from my own heart. It took me 34 years to begin understanding what Gitte has gifted you and your child with right here."

Paul Luftenegger

Love it

“I love it. My daughter loves it. All children should know their HEARTLIGHT.”



“Today I tried the HEARTLIGHT meditation with my 4th graders and it was an amazing experience. Watching them during and after and hearing what they experienced was magical. I was deeply moved. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. It was a very special experience.”

 Maria Lund Petersen


Teach this at school

“All kids should have a copy of this book. It is so amazing. They should teach this at school!”